We've climbed Mt. St. Helens,
We've caroused on the desert playa.
We've thrown ourselves down snowy mountains,
and we've sailed the open seas.

This is a site created by and for Seattle-area goths
who like to play outside!

We are Seattle-based, but other regional goth communities are encouraged to start a Granola Goth chapter of your own. Please email the for more info.

You can read our trip reports by syndicating our blog here: XML
Or using our Livejournal Feed.
Or, if you are local, you can join our discussion list.

Granola Goths support a "Leave No Trace" policy, in regards to the land and facilities that we use. Please understand this policy before you participate. This, and more information can be found in the F.A.Q., and at www.lnt.org.