Sat Jan 18, 2003

Here it is...

This is the blog that will hold Gray's entries as he hikes the Pacific Crest Trail from April to October. Stay tuned.

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Tue Jan 21, 2003

Pacific Crest Trail FAQ Part I

This log is intended to document my upcoming attempt to thru-hike the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail during the spring and summer of 2003. So, let's start by answering some of the most common questions I get about the PCT.

What is the PCT?
The PCT is a national scenic trail that starts near Campo, California, and follows on or near the Sierra and Cascade crests all the way to the Washington/Canada border near Manning Park, B.C.
[ to continue. ]

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Sat Apr 19, 2003

Las Vegas

So, this is my first entry in my PCT journal.

In reality, my trip hasn't *officially* started, but I've left Seattle, so it feels like it has. So, we will treat this as a forward to the real journal. I need to get in the habit of writing every day, so I'm going to try and write a bit while I am here, and hope that makes it easier to stay up to date with it while I am on the trail.
[ to continue. ]

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Sun Apr 20, 2003


Gray's finalized gear list for the PCT. [ to continue. ]

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Las Vegas

Not much to add today, didn't do much, which was nice. We played cards by the pool, watched Six Feet Under, ordered a pizza, and didn't go to a club we were supposed to go to.

Saw a thunderstorm yesterday, haven't seen one in so long, living in Seattle. It was nice. The weather is nice, warm but not terribly hot, thought the pool still feels cold... cold enough I haven't braved it yet. Sunshine all day today.

I'm starting to miss people from Seattle, and starting to get nervous about my impending start. I suspect we are going to end up staying her for this weekend, and hitting the trail a week from tomorrow, on Monday the 28th of April. It will mean missing the kick off party, which kinda sucks, but means I get to spend a bit more time with Ammy, and I am sure I can get up to date water info from the PCT-L before I leave.

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Mon Apr 21, 2003

Las Vegas

Well, so far today has been interesting. Ammy and I dyed my hair purple and black (most